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Some are born with it and it is easy.
Many need to learn it and that is not so simple.
And most can not learn, because they are thinking just a little bit to short.
They say that the three wise men come from the east.
So they probably will not come from the east.
From the south, west or north likely.
No so we cannot decide that or whether to see it of their wisdom.
But anyway , it’s a good question to yourself.
I think that we all are wise persons and some are crazy also.
Those who want to think and learn from their mistakes are the wise.
The others are missing something and not want to think and learn, those are insane.
Sensible wise people learn from the past.
Apply it direct now today and think about the future.
Continue to prepare and improve there function properly.
Stay informed of new techniques and developments.
About how and what in our society.
Are not too lazy to work and are engaged in the promotion of their lives.
Can in a team be a puzzle piece are to let it be so that the puzzle can finished.
Together several wisdoms in a way put together with a profit as goal.
The benefit to perform together through knowledge to combine.
Group in a team relation to score on the work floor or with a sport.
Those with personal shortcomings to combine with each other into a whole.
Know where they stand and what areas their wisdom functions are.
Know their limits but they still want to push it to a higher level.
These people who think getting there get for sure with their wisdom and class.
Can adapt and integrate because of all their wisdom.
Know better than anyone that strong together can move mountains in the right direction.
The performance feel and overcome together with the result and purpose.
With persons together in our society like you and me.
Be a part of this puzzle and we make together the puzzle.
Easy Branches Team.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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