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Many of us have desires and ideas.
Are prepared to go to the extreme for another to fulfill his wish.
Surprise with best Wishes and overwhelm them with love and happiness.
Their wishes come true and show Your love and respect for them .
Give them the day of their lives where they never had counted on.
With care and tenderness prepare everything for only that moment.
So that nothing can previously discovered, and its a real surprise.
Their so overpowered by their desire to fruition of their wishes.
Come to this result that you weeks or months in advance had prepared.
For that one moment to see the reaction from that which everything revolves.
The feelings of friendship and love that you have can show at that time.
So that two or more people’s hearts beat faster.
The emotions no longer more can restrain and is visible to everyone.
At that time you can be proud of yourself and the wish You has given is a success .
That day will also at a several people in their thoughts keep playing.
That’s a wish with a fulfillment that everyone bring closer together.
That’s a wish that everyone wants.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



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