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That is the past and will never come back.
But what happened yesterday, we can not forget.
Everything we have done, what we have on it ?
Yes that is what we today might think.
Something we did not know yesterday is now as clear as water.
And we can no longer do like, we have passed all those hours already.
What not so long lasted, but they were so over.
Today we have new hours to spend.
Desires that we in the present have we can join it now this day.
What we not have done yesterday is an opportunity for this day.
If we are not going to use the opportunity today we have another day tomorrow.
Then again today belongs to the past and we get new hours to go.
Let’s hope that it will be many days go after like this.
As the day of yesterday we can know all about those hours that go already.
But tomorrow, nobody knows how long that will last.
We hope for the best that there are still many hours will remain.
But that is something nobody can guarantee.
About yesterday we can talk and discuss.
Tomorrow is something we can think about it and then best wishes have.
Hope and ramble that are just so as tall tales.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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