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Your Place in Life

Your Place in Life.

Everyone has a place in life
One is small the other is large, rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, or Success has no opportunities in life but we are all here, some see it differently and think that money and clothes with Beautiful Jewelry make them the Person forget this Thinking.
Give Respect and get Respect
Rate Life and see the happiness and Opportunities that you’ve gotten to the Present.
Rate Respect and another in his Value and look down on no one.
Life has many sides and opportunities and try to exploit.
Somebody that looks down upon another that will never understand the Life , because there is nothing in life that can change quickly than your own life.
Try to remember that and Hope You have this experience already in life.
And you will always have good food.
A beautiful and healthy life wished.
“Health nobody can buy it”
Nature accept it and look how Beautiful it is.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen

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