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Zebra Horse.

Zebra Horse.


A Zebra crossing there you can walk over.
Hop and jump and you know where to begin.
When red light you have to wait.
When green is turning and pushing for whom there will be the first.
Black with white stripes on the street.
You have priority if you are on it and start to walk.
It where the Romans with the idea.
They did it with stones later it was the British who gave it some color.
But it is the Zebra horses that resemble it.
But that does not compare.
There, you can not walk or limp.
But to sit and she will ride you down to do ironing.
They find it no fun, walk behind them give you many pain.
The power they possess is heavens great.
You only look them is better.
All those stripes on that body have no sense.
But it was the sense and beginning.
Of a Zebra crossing.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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