Fear Hight to the Top

Fear Height to the Top

Heights who can go down or watch?
Many can not believe and remain in the Simple Life.
And many think that to reach the summit be an easy matter
Many forget that many things can go wrong and do not think their goal until they have deployed to reach the Top.
The higher they get more tired and more difficult to get the resources they need to get there.
Looking back on the path they have already been places and have yet to get them confused.
There is still a long way to go and can not go back because the road to the summit is still shorter than the distance to the Top
That gives them the courage to fight for the summit to reach in their path, there will be many people coming and going that will make it more complicated to persevere to the dispositions that Goal is to reach the summit.
After many problems and windfall has come that the summit is reached.
At the summit are reached and Target have a Super nice feeling and a victory over yourself and Target.
But remembering the fear you feel what it has cost efforts, family experiences, Life lessons, lost relationships and flabby lose nights,
There you are, and at the Summit and the things you can afford and feel what you've done.
Several people around you that you and assist you in your success in your life.
Many parts in the Price and Goal is to achieve in a period of struggle and survival.
If looking back at the past was that the value of the present ???????

Don't look back and look for Future , but Learn from the Past and think for Tomorrow.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen