Breakfast .



One of the most important things in life.
Wake up and make your breakfast with indulgence.
Breakfast and start your belly to fill with coffee or tea.
Juice or a protein shake with a straw.
After by slices of bacon and a fried egg.
Because that is all part of breakfast and yogurt with cereal.
And there are many more variations to breakfast.
It is a very important step to start the day.
Complement with calories after then incinerate in your body.
Vitamins for a healthy existence.
Then we can weather the day start with new energy.
And humidity that our body consists whence 80%.
Would I could hardly believe it but its true nonetheless.
We can previously without food than without water.
That has also been proven many times with a chance to survival.
If they had not been drinking it was not successful been and they were died.
So you see with a good breakfast in the life we have more chance.
Too much is unnecessary and only on your own needs.
Let your eyes not be bigger than your stomach.
Once excess pounds arrived becomes it a plague.
Every day training to let make it disappear is an option then.
Make sure you do not go so far and hold your own in check.
Even if you have it up for grabs it's better over a smooth belly to ironing.
Just manage your own and keep You in check.
This will save you trouble all over a thick body dream.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen