One World

One World.


We all people together and we are one in the world.
Together, we can control the world.
If we stand together to give each other the hand.
Do not look at color or race.
Discrimination can be our only gasification and our deceive.
And let us many opportunities pass and miss.
Why we need so  mistaken our self.
Tolerance is something we have learn to live with.
And shall us gather us together a better life give.
Everyone is equal and together we live like kings.
Together we can make everything and we break everything.
Does no one know of this unaware.
A different color or race would still not say anything about the value of man.
Well everyone has the same desire.
Happy and healthy in life with great success.
As everyone now agrees , then is it time to stop discriminating.
Then can real  life and the prosperity begin.
Equal rights and obligations, and are kind to everyone.
Accept one another as we are born that is nice.
Dealing with our feelings and hearts, which are all equal.
We all have the same needs one a big one the other small.
But we let us not be fooled by words and violence.
Discrimination because you are born with a different color.
That is something unfair and no longer counts in 2012.
United us together all makes us strong and gives pleasure.
The society will improve and gives everyone an equal chance.
This world is in our hands and we better grab that opportunity.
Be nice to each other with open hands in the wide world is what counts.
Will give more harmony and prosperity that is what obtain anyway.
Start with yourself and others will follow You.
Dear people think to this beautiful united day this is the future of tomorrow.
Together with each other and for each other.
United we are strong and smart.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen