Dangers Show.

Dangers Show.

danger it comes in many shapes and sizes.
And sometimes we do not even notice it.
We are confident and we go building it.

We do not look at the consequences, because we are so overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed by doubts and fears.
That would also affect our feelings and interfere.

And nobody wants to hear or see this.
Sensation is what they come to see with a lot of noise in the ears.
With clapping and shouting and maybe they can learn something.
They watch their eyes out when they see what will happen.
And the fireman is with the fire extinguisher ready.
Many times they do not have to use.
And they stand just behind the bushes.
Bored if they have nothing to do.

But this still earn a lot of money.
If it goes wrong is their lives on the line.

They hear the bell, and run to the risk with a rapid response.
And that's a push of the button and put the fire off.
The outcome no one can know, it is a situation at that moment.
That should also realize everyone and remember.
This show can be always the last time be in their lives.
And they do not want to miss it and do it over again .
It is a part of their life and existence.
And go there every time in again with full enthusiastic.

The danger is the kick to it over and over again to do.
Until that one time comes without decency and remorse.

Because this action is not always perfect and good.
We all do understand that only too well.
But the show miss is the last salute.

I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen