High Expectations.

High expectations.


Anyone who starts something new with high expectations.
Is also normal course, otherwise you would not start it or go for it.
We are very optimistic and full of cheers about it.
We know that somethings can go wrong but we still think positive.
Look only for the good parts and improved on it.
Think for the future and therefore You go begin with it.
Only when we are confronted with the reality then it will awaken us.
Maybe It will be quite different if we had our own judgement.
In a very positive sense, but of course it can also be negative.
From there You started with good feelings and without doubts.
Knew what we were getting and had a good target.
We all hope for the best in life.
But unfortunately sometimes the practical results on the other side.
But just keep a positive look at the situation.
Because for once miscalculate is still not bad.
And persistence always wins, if we have enough time.
With high expectations.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen