I'm ready for the battle.
Let's begin , but I will give You no time.
Using all my knowledge and experience.
I'll Do anything to make you succumb.
I have already lost my heart for You.
The things you've done , no one can give the back up on Your points.
You started with premeditation and then even with bad deeds.
But unfortunately if you could not finish it , then I come into Your dream.
Your plans could not win from my experiences.
The Spider Web that you wanted to build there , You had just build it for Yourself to be grieved.
I am a thinker man and can give no gifts to my enemies.
I must take action against the evil that was in Your mind.
Because I could not wait any longer for You to go ahead and let me at a disadvantaged position.
You also better to know that it is the brain behind the work that give You a sleeping place and meals.
I learned You many things , but you also not honor everything and abused it.
And now you're caught in the act and still not satisfied with it , because the bad plan by You cannot be executed.
I can make my own for you now no longer worry , because I have already take measures.
You can no longer participate in my plans and You go with Your own bad future.
You have done this everything by Your own and You must now live with it.
You have lost Your chance now , but You still want to add more salt into the good water.
I'm always ready for you if you still want to do bad for me.
I will never  more giving You a sleeping place and fill up Your stomach with foods anymore.
Straight will always win from the evil's mind.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen