Turning Around.

Turning Around
The truth is so important in our life.
It can give us many things and direction in our life.
For many it is difficult for them to speak the truth.
They can not speak the truth because they don't want to loss face.
They forgot that lies can not be tolerated and appreciated in life.
That the truth is sometimes hard but gives more respect and appreciation for the long term.
People know what they will have from You and they can believe You on Your word.
Turning around will give You problems in the future.
You Meet many different people in life and tell everyone the same.
Or Turning around to tell lies but You must have a memory card in Your brain same as the computer.
It is impossible to remember all Your lies to everybody before.
So it is a short thinking that can certainly create problems from Your lies.
The word says it all "turning around" because Your life is a circle.
You start from a point of lying and going around the circle then back to the same point where You begin Your lies.
But mostly the lies comes out before You back to the starting point and then you will suffer a great loss for Your face.
Do you like a relaxed life?
You only need to be honest and You can surpass yourself in Your life.
Then You can use Your brain space to think for some other things.
All this will give Your a better life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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