Sleeping by the Sea.

Sleeping by the Sea
We are together by the sea.
On the bed there with two.
Together lying under the sun, that's different then we're on the balcony.
We stay in the bed and surrounding by the ocean.
We can see the moon is shining on us.
We saw the sunset early in the day.
The stars in the sky are seen twinkling
That gives us strenght and we are happy with it.
Relaxing and look into the sky.
What we see will makes us fall in love to each other.
Because in the future we will be the best couple.
We will marry each other and build up a family together.
Caring for each other and make love.
This opportunity is not Easy to get.
We have meet each other now and this will give us a better life.
We are now going to sleep and dreams then hope that all the good things will come.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen  

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