Watching Together

What is it fine to enjoy together and look at another and to learn from it.
Learning is something we do every day in the life.
Experience is the best or Worst to learn in our daily Life.
It determines much of our life and Feelings.
But try out all the bad experiences the Positive side of it to see.
Learn from it so the next time less painful.
Broaden your experiences in life to think this way and another more love to give.
In life you get what you bid.
So you know yourself and what you give back to expect.
Things are never what you expect and they usually never get an number eight or more. Do not expect too much of life a dream takes only a moment.
Accept each other as you see it and a better life and positiver do you have in the offing.

Learn from yesterday.
Live today in all Joy
Think of Tomorrow
And never forget that ,
the past can determine your Future

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen