You can Say it to Me

what have you to tell me
You can not just call me
You can feel free to tell me
I am scared for nothing
I love only not from a lie
I can always hear the truth
otherwise you turn around your story
the truth is not always nice to hear
But in the long run you will always captivate
many can not tell the truth
and will talk what your ears want to hear
but that's not what you want to hear
for a time all true comes out
and after, the regret and remorse
but the true I shall not forget soon 
Goodness of the relationship is already broken and your blood is to boil
adhesives can not more help 
accept so what the other sees
the feelings in your body can not accept this so the friendship can not continue
I go my road itself and can not continue
now you know why it look like this
because lie in this profit story
I can not accept
and I better go separate ways
I wish you all the best
And do not ask me how
because I can not help You
when Love lies to conceal

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen