Divorced Life.

Divorced Life.
Life is Fantastic is if everything goes well.
Together can build a future with a good feeling.
But life is not always good when two people are living together.
Love can change and disturb the peace in the house.
But if first time something is built before divorce then it must be shared out within the two.
And both of them cannot get it directly, because often things must be sold first.
That takes time and you should spend the time  together in the house.
It will not be pleasant, but that's life, with good and bad times.
And if You can not overcome the bad times, then there is no other solution.
Separate from bed and table that's how the law it calls.
Each person has their own life and problems, It is not easy to stay together.
Especially if one side still have feelings for the other.
It should gone with the time and you will be expecting for a new life soon.
Its all started with the  passion for love and ends up with a divided sense.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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