When we are born, the nature in our body help us to move.
We need transport to move us in life.
We have our legs, it is not possible to make for far distance in a short time.
So there are several types of transport designed to move us around.
A bicycle for short distances, the train and plane can transport us to far distances quickly.
Boats for the water transport and air balloons in the sky.
We have motorbikes, cars and several more mode of transport.
All can help us to move around quickly from point A to point B without consuming our own body energy.
We can choose every transport to use for going to another place or country.
It is a godsend for many global traveling business people and tourists.
Also it is a convenient way for students that go study in other places or countries.
It is something that we can not imagine to live our life's without it.
Because of that, Human always are capable to create a better transport vehicles.
The flying car is on its way.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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