Don't count the Chicken before they're Hatched.

Don't count the Chicken before they're Hatched
On paper, it is written that we can count on many profits in the world.
Theoretically, they can create mountains of gold with only small investments.
In practical, it seems to be different and can hit by losing on many investment.
It is not possible to sell the bearskin if You did not fire the shot to the bear yet.
Many are still living in their dream with a wishful thinking that they can be getting rich easily.
They are either being too optimistic or too blind to see that there are many things can go awfully wrong.
They already started to count the chicken before the egg was hatched.
Those who cannot inculcate the risk for loss will be expecting for a big surprises.
But someone who dare not to lose will never get the chance to win.
When You have hungry You better invest in a chicken that can give eggs or chicks.
Unfortunately, most of the people slaughtering the chicken  to eat on the first day and lose their every days meal after.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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