No Pain No Gain.

No Pain No Gain
Making a profit is a challenge today.
The quality and level of competition is very high at this time.
And it's a long way to go there before You can reach to that path without flaws.
Quality Technology changed mostly in the time and we are still learning about it.
It keeps updating frequently with more new functions that we also have to learn.
You need to always step ahead of the competition with quality work.
It's not easy tasks to stay on the top and it can give You stress.
Just like a sport where there can be one winner across the finish line.
Who gets the assignment of a company to carry out work.
Before you're ready, you will first need to present Your results from the past.
Determined for most of the decision and set the threshold higher for the client.
Beautiful words and presentation will not help, only results will make the decisions for the work.
For results that are shown there with a lot of pain, tears and preceded with sweat.
But with the knowledge and skills that You have and can show result will give You high expectations.
An expectation that get deferred makes Your heart disappointed.
But when You manage to reach Your expectation, then the branches of the tree will start to grow.
So if you can show results with quality, Your future is guarantee.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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