You're My Heart and My Soul.

You're My Heart and My Soul
We have Years of patience to bring us together.
Now is the time that I can not think in my mind what my life will be without You.
You are now a part of my life and I can not live good when I miss You.
Without You I'm in a dark hole with no light and infinity.
Then my life become meaningless and have no value anymore.
You are the heart that beats in my soul and the blood in my veins flows faster because of desire.
It is wonderful to get closely and be together with You.
It is great to feel the warmth of Your body with mine.
As if I'm reborn baby and lying down innocent next to You.
I realized now that my feelings are perfectly in for You.
Nothing else in the world can give me more joy and happier than we are together.
Sweetheart please take me in Your heart and soul together to the end.
Then the sun will take away all the dark clouds in our life.
And our hearts are flowing together as one.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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