Wisdom begins with Your Mind.

Wisdom begins with Your Mind
What is in Your Mind and for what are You waiting?
In our short life of living, how can You handle it?
Negative thinking make You cannot survive.
Or is it too exaggeration to mention it.
I think not, just look back into the past and think back to what negative things  that have given You the glee.
You are losing time because it will be different when You have more wisdom.
Because Your wisdom to work in the right to place is a lesson in life.
You have come across something that is not nice in Your mind.
But by Your wisdom, and it has transformed into positive energy is a wise lesson for You.
So You should know what steps to take and avoid it for the next time.
Because "once bitten twice shy"
Positive mind never leave You and always have a place in your life.
Everyone wants to have positive energy around his circle of friends.
Wisdom give You positive energy, because negative attitude is no fun.
Laughter,  joy and happiness are also see as positive.
Be wise and be positive in life.
The different between good and evil sort the negative to positive.
Use Your wisdom to make way for the positive in your life and remove the negative space.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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