Confession of Love.

Confession of Love
We all can show the feeling of love to another person..
When You have eye contact with someone, You can have the feelings.
That is either positive or negative feelings, there is nothing in between.
After a verbal contact, we can change that by our personal experience and have the further understanding for the character of the person.
By mutual feelings and emotions, we can show that we have met fun and attractive person.
Its not easy to confess directly to that person Your feeling because of shy.
We are cautious and do not open in our relationship.
When You love someone, You should tell him/her and not just keep it in Your heart.
If You are Your partner, You'll like to listen these words:
Darling I love You and You are the most important one in my life.
When You come close to me, the jitters go through my nerves and my heart beat faster.
Confess honestly and truly what you feel in Your heart and speak it out with Your mouth.
Speak with pride, on what Your heart feel.
Confession will bind us closer together.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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