Waiting for the Return of Someone.

Waiting for the Return of Someone
We all ever have the experience of homesick in our life.
Would like to return to the place where we miss something or someone.
But it is also true that someone might be waiting us on the same place as we have met before.
We are waiting for the return with open arms, but it will takes some time.
The other person is either away to another country on business trip for work, study or any other reason.
Everyday we are getting to use social media services like Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, Hotmail, QQ or other chat programs to stay in touch with each other.
But the physical loss is so great that it prevails and hurts.
You feel the loneliness and cannot handle it by Your own.
Learn to deal with it and feel how important that person is in Your life.
Appreciate the life and also care more the feelings for that person.
Hope can have the chance to meet again soon and experience the happy feeling together.
We should give each other the feeling every day that we will meet again very soon.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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