Life is like a Roller Coaster.

Life is like a Roller Coaster
Our life is so beautiful and exciting.
We know what was happened yesterday but never can predict what can happen tomorrow.
Today we are nothing and tomorrow we can be a part in the top or vice versa.
We have experienced all ups and downs in our life.
We went to the left and fall into a large and deep hole before.
Make the right turn and get into an elevator then it again takes us right to the top.
Life is just full of surprises and positive things.
From the hole we climb back to the summit and we could fall back into the hole again, with many obstacles and fun adventures along the path.
It just depends on how we think and look at it.
We have a positive attitude or with a negative outlook in our life.
With positive thinking we can usually go the farthest and things are easier to handle.
Negative minded will draw You as a loser and You cannot feel good without courage and prosperity.
Positive while step in the roller coaster and step out with even more positive.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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