Fight for Your beloved.

Fight for Your beloved
We've all been through it or seen it.
Two persons have problems because of a third party but it is not just only that, it has to do with feelings.
The feelings to the third person either they like or love them.
But they do not want to share the third person who has make the wrong choice.
Where one of the two disagree it because the third person was not choose them.
Then comes jealousy as a result, because the feelings run deep.
And jealousy is one of the most dangerous things in life it is the same like comminute to the bones.
The feeling for a person is unstoppable, there is nothing can win from it even money is worthless when into jealousy.
So to control of emotions play a very large role.
But when the eyes see something it can affect the feeling quickly.
And change a friendly person into an aggressive wolf with a wrong purpose.
In his mind he want to destroy the person who inflicted the pain on him.
But always remember that everyone can make their own choice.
So probably it will only make the problem worst and the third one goes through.
You miscalculated the chances to win Your fight because You have acted inappropriately.
Also it will give others peoples a bad impression about the personality at that time in the same place.
Accept and appreciate the choice of another person to think of peace.
There is a right partner for every one in the planet.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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