Hear, See and Silenced.

Hear, See and Silenced
We all know that statue and surely have seen it before.
This proverb has been centuries old and at that time the people also respect the importance of it.
Today, times have changed drastically and is respectful exchanged for disrespectful.
The word is not respected anymore and they still want to fit in and so they can speak nice.
Because if they belong to something then it give them a chance to hear and see and to silenced it.
Or when they see and hear something they cannot keep silenced because they want to take advantages from it.
In the present days when You have the knowledge, You must keep it silenced,  let no one see and make sure others do not hear about it.
Because otherwise You will be the last person to see and hear from others what has been invented by You before does not become silenced.
Because money hunters appreciate currency more than the word and can not silenced and let another hear about it and want to see their undeserved money.
After we do not more want to see them and also nothing more to hear about them, and keep the silenced out of shame.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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