Path to Exile.

Path to Exile
In life we can decide on how we want to behave for many things.
We have our own choice on how we want grow up and be matured.
We love friendships with a friendly communication.
Or we can don't care about friendship and only walk our path to get rich in quick.
At least that is the idea behind the behavior lifestyle.
People cheating with lies and try to make their money.
Not thinking that such a lifestyle is only for a short period.
While an honest and constructive life is an assurance for lifetime.
Then have many cheerful friends around you who know who you are.
Doing business with you, because you have built a foundation with their confidence and what You have obtained from it will be a benefit for the rest of your life.
The wrong thinking person will be exiled by his friends, acquaintances and business partners, they need to find new victims.
Until the ages is attained then everyone is aware of the way how they do their business.
The moment everyone see them, they get vomited and ignored them thus it will give them no more chance.
They have over the years, only enemies and created a bad name.
Must stay away both problems from former friends and the police.
There is only one way to peace their mind in life.
And that's to separate themselves and live in exile away from the friends of the past.
They always have to look over the shoulder to avoid precipitation.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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