Never Lie in Life.

Never Lie in Life
Completely not lie is something very difficult in our life.
We'll all stuck in a situation where there is no other way out.
Sometime You need to tell a lie for Your own advantages, but it is not good to say so.
But if we choose to tell the truth at that moment, it would be completely out of hand and the situation can only worsen.
When the situation has calm down, we can then tell the hard truth and discus it together in peace.
It can of course always get out of hand again when they are confronted with the truth.
But "Don't put Your hand in the frying pan" so let's wait for the peace moment to talk about the truth.
Every reasonable person or even certain friends can understand the reason by the situation and then they will give more respect for You.
You will once again united with them and a new good start as a result.
If you always tell the truth then You can look everyone right into their eyes.
Always remember that the truth lies will comes within after.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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