Do not be Trapped by Money

Do not be Trapped by Money
Centuries ago when there was exchange trading, We had no problems with money.
Then there comes money in place and things are completely changed.
The money represent a powerful position in our society and it also gave power to the owners.
The more money you have, the more chances and power for You .
You could let the people work for You or bribe them to close the deals easily.
It will be easy to make appointments for certain projects or business agreements.
Sharing the profit so everyone can keep as a friend, because everyone wants to share the money or earn it.
Life is a lot easier when there is a smoother cash flow.
In the past it was also a lot more easier to earn the money, there was not much competition among the population and the costs were manageable.
Now there are a lot of competitions everywhere and the costs are also significantly increased.
The way of doing business is different now,  it is more at a higher level with the digital network.
Plans are developed quickly before You know it because Your knowledge is too little.
Then You become in a complicated business deal with contracts drafted by lawyers who involved and You sign it because of trust.
Then You are confronted with the pure reality and walked into a spider web.
Once we have put down our signature, we are already in the mouth of the lion and no way to go out.
You're in the trap because of trust and You will pay a heavy price for it.
Friendship is no longer there and money has taken over the friendship.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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