Santa Claus is coming to Town.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

The whole city is fully decorated with beautiful lights and it is so good to look at.
We have been waiting the whole Year for this great day with excitement and surprises in one.
It is moment that the Santa Claus is coming and to our town.
He is not coming with empty hands or only with wood for the fireplace.
Together with his reindeer I hope he will stop by Your door an does not pass over it.
Because that is the joy for the whole family when they see their gifts is under the Christmas tree.
The Santa Claus bring us the surprise with love and affection.
For the children it is a great fun to guess what is inside their gift under the Christmas tree.
For one, it's great but for the other it might be not so important but everyone will be the same with cheerful feeling.
These days we all come together for our family reunion or strengthening our friendship.
Celebrate this holidays together and enjoy it with the one who deserved our love.
A reunion of all of us as the same for baubles in the peak of the Christmas tree.
That's how we all enjoy the lively atmosphere of Christmas.
Enjoy tasty on this day, because next year its a different tree.
Easy Branches Team wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant holiday.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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