Two Hearts become One.

Two Hearts become One

When the first eye contact, we already know what we want.
Then it remains to be seen whether the love is from both sides.
The Visual of Your eyes have given a signal to Your heart about that person.
But do the other person have the identical signal?
We can find out more when our conversation go along.
It will show us the mutual  feelings with an outcome.
If so, there will be more inspiration from the conversation and go further on to an relationship.
When You both think the same and share the common interest then it should be alright.
There will be multiple appointments follow by a closer feeling and desire for each other.
That desire will only strengthen by time and follow up with the new plans.
When we have been together for long time, then it is very natural to both discus about married and build a family.
With the same feelings and way of thinking we will go over the years and our two hearts will become one.
When the two hearts are with the same thinking and feelings, only the death can tear us apart.
Because when two hearts flow into each other , it will be an eternal love forever.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen ‎
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