One Sided View.

One Sided View

A major problem in mankind is that they only look in one direction.
Everything they see with the wrong glasses but they still think that is always right.
Do not listen to others, because what they think and see in their mind is the limit already so it can not more be improved.
At least that's what they think, but they forget that many eyes can see better than one.
And many peoples together can decide on the invention to have better success.
So it is better to listen to the opinions by others and get the best result as an outcome.
Develop the proposals and review together is a clever mind.
Go for the best result is what everyone wants and where we all looking for.
Nobody wants to buy a box with only two apples inside.
But the same size box where can place 10 apples inside have more opportunities and will attract multiple eyes to buy.
So listen to others in order to open up our eyes is a good sign.
Strong together and then can work with united.
The wise man will not only look from one sided view.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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