Always be Humble.

Always be Humble

In our life, what we see with our eyes is what we think.
Our eyes see it and believe it then always been taken for granted.
But it is no need to behave like that, because most of the peoples are not humble.
Look down on others and want to show other how good they have it.
Feel themselves more than another, because they have got a better opportunities in their life or born rich.
May not have the ability to build up something in their life because there is always someone who can take care of them.
And the person who are able to perform may not have the capabilities to carry it out.
Has little money in his hands but got the power in his body to do the best.
While the rich person can't even cook his own food if they have no money with them.
Just do normal and be humble better than others think You are an exaggerated person.
Respect others and be happy if You've got more luck in Your life.
Humble graced the man and humility will makes the person get more respect.
You have to give respect first before You can receive it.
Change the world and start first with Your own humble.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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