The Sun is always too Hot to handle for Your Hands.

The Sun is always too Hot to handle for Your Hands

Don't think that You can take everything.
Some think that they can take things for granted easily.
Want to take everything in their hands if they see something beautiful or when they like it.
Something that is belong to them is always theirs and nobody can take it away.
Everything else from others, they also think it is belong to them.
Their hands cannot stay still because they are kleptomaniacs.
Cannot control over themselves psychologically and often run into justice problems.
Burn their hands by taking away the possessions of others.
They are no longer legally in the correct path and do many thing against the law
Then come into contact with the justice and prosecuted by the law with a fine or sentenced to jail.
It was just too hot on their hands and are deserved to be punished.
The prosecutor hopes in this way can change the minds of others kleptomaniacs before it is getting hotter.
Justice bring a certain group of people together in a captivity with the same experience or worse.
Which then they can seek support with each other and plan for the opportunity to have the better sunshine in their life.
At least that is what they think at that time but the honest sun will always win and be hot on their hands, they will get burn again and ended in jail.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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