Where there is Love, there is Life.

Where there is Love, there is Life

There are some people who say that we cannot fill our stomach full with the love.
But there are also those when they are in love can no longer eat because of sadness.
Love can bring a lot of changes in your life when you're in love.
Loving someone gives us a new life with different thoughts.
We are happier and see life from the better side especially if the partner is also in love with You.
Want to do happy things together with the partner and share the fine moments.
The feelings are different and You are more willing to put your best effort for a cosily getaway.
You are more motivated than normal and try to be hurry not to late for an appointment with your loved one.
It is one of the best experiences of our life on earth.
Gives us that extra stuff and affection to make our life more enjoyable.
Love from another person bring the life to us.
Both would like to take good care and that leaves us with a better feeling for life.
When You really love someone Your heart feel alive.
Where there is love, there is more lively in the family.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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