You Can not Leave Our ​​Heart.

You Can not Leave Our ​​Heart

What can be more beautiful in our life than we love someone so much that we welcome them in our heart.
In love that there is no place for another and the heart is full.
It would be better if our hearts could overflow with love because that might be happened.
Everything what we think starts first with that person.
We cannot avoid it in our mind because that is our desire.
Want to express our desire towards one person.
Because this person is number one in our life and cannot be replaced.
All the feelings that we have been concentrated only to that person.
It is simply impossible to imagine this person out of our life.
Our life will collapse as a house of cards if that would happen.
It would be the end of our dream and incredibly bad feeling for us.
Incalculable suffering and hurt us in all areas.
The inner pain in us are not acceptable.
We can't control our feeling and we would burst into tears.
Whereby forgiveness into the last stage is no longer more possible.
And we will have this sadness for the rest of our life that we will never forget it.
It will haunt us with the hidden love that another will never see.
While our hearts again overflows with love from someone else.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen​​heart.html
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