We Welcome the New Life into our World.

We Welcome the New Life into our World

When two lovers who love each other is finally granted their wish.
The positive result was announced to us that she is pregnant, congratulations!
So happy on this day as we both never feel like this moment for long time.
That was something which make our love even more stronger and we went on to  celebrate it together.
In the following months we often went to baby stores to see where our interests to setup a bedroom for our new coming baby.
Every time we saw something new, we always want to buy some useful things for the nursery.
Also we already started to buy clothes, shoes and toys for the baby.
It was a long and successful preparation for everything.
Every time went to examination in the hospital and take an ultrasound test.
So we knew what was coming is a daughter and that time we yet to give her a name.
That was a due date being set for delivery but the baby came out four days earlier.
We have welcomes a new life in our world and her name is Chenea.
The surname I will not reveal but I am her proud Grandfather.
And we welcomed her as a new member of our multicultural family.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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