Remain Silent if Possible.

Remain Silent if Possible

It is human nature sometimes to have a big mouth.
Especially when we are Young and do not have much experience in life.
See the negative rather than the positive side of something and therefore make us quickly angry.
The wise man sees everything positive and learn from it then look at every possible situation from a different perspective.
Think mentally and keep his mouth to see what happened and draws his conclusion.
Can quickly recuperate and give an intelligent response back.
It is almost impossible for the person who speak with a louder tone to give a good answer back .
The wise person can take over the direction of the conversation after and lead back into a decent communication.
From there we can determine his attitude and worry about that person.
We can decide whether they can be our friends or it is better to avoid them.
Remain silent and do not talk to other people about this conversation.
That would only disrupt and worsen the relationships, because it has no meaning.
Only when Your best friends or family are available, it is better to talk and not to be silent so that they are aware of this conversation.
Thus we can separate the good from the bad in the search of peace.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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