Clothes Make the Man.

Clothes Make the Man

We always go on the appearance of someone.
Well dressed and stylish hair with a nice car.
We will think they are okay with money and prestige.
Able to judge the character of them, that is what we think when we see them.
But we can be very wrong because we never know the inner look of a person.
We maybe mislead and come to our surprise.
The thing what we see could become a serious deception and may cost us dearly.
Or we think we have see them well and do not need to go to the optician for an eye test to buy the glasses.
Sometimes their car is on loan from the bank and they buy the clothes on a discount sale.
At this moment, it is very wise to Purchase things in this way to void all the tax levy and rules.
The costs are getting higher but our income remains low.
So many are also forced into more ordinary life.
Cause nobody wants to take a step back in their life.
The appearance from the person show the hidden salvation of reality.
And the dark shadow stay with them for most of their life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Picture Courtesy of  Exclusive Tailor