Nobody is Perfect.

Nobody is Perfect

We all want to be a perfectionists in our life and therefore we always try to behave perfectly.
But everyone makes mistakes in life or do something wrong against their will.
So the Conclusion is very clear that no one is perfect in their life.
Many may think that they are perfect but that's just a thought.
And that is only arrogance of those people, because the perfect person are yet to be born.
Someone can be a perfectionist and want to do everything perfectly, but whether they able to perform is another matter.
To be perfect in somethings is possible but not for everything.
And that then causes problems among themselves through jealousy or discontent.
A good relationship will be disrupted because of a few minor errors or wrongly formulated question or answer.
Who are we in this world can judge directly and talk to others about it.
People have doubts about a person who make a coincidental mistake just because he give a wrong question, or answer when his thoughts were not there at that time.
Speak evil behind the back of each other but show the face of an angel in front of everybody.
Sometimes it seems like we live in a movie where everything is written in the script and the ending is always good, because we need each other in life.
So be directly open with each other makes it a lot easier to communicate well together.
I've heard that used others or being used, but is that the way to create a goal?
Let me be proud of myself and live my own way.
Together with those who are also ready for each other.
So that we can make use of each other if necessary.
Because then we can apply it perfectly together in our life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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