If You don't Fight for what You want , then don't Cry for what You Lost.

If You don't Fight for what You want , then don't Cry for what You Lost

We see more and more that some people think laconically.
Everything is easy for them because they think they are champions.
But be a champion is only for a short period and not Your whole life.
If You behave like a champion and thinks that You no longer need others You are arrogant against Your friends.
Then the name of the champion quickly go over the lips by other people and the words come out are usually not good.
When the tongues of others start to speak bad, it is not a good sign.
So there will be a reversal in the life of a champion and You must fight with the character and do everything to makeYou fame back in the right direction.
Arrogant will not give You friends but enemies.
Thus will lose a good reputation and respect from others.
You will Lose everything and maybe crying because of not happy.
It is so important in life to be social from deep inside Your heart.
And peace with Your self to Share with others.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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