Waiting for the Perfect Partner.

Waiting for the Perfect Partner

Everything in life has to do with the managed of Your time.
The correct distribution can determine a lot of freedom.
In order to get that freedom, You must make good use from this moments .
Do not sit and wait for some things but do everything by Yourself.
That is nothing in life that will comes to You naturally, only if you have something to offer or give away for free.
Then You will have the advantages to select, but that does not guarantee You a good future.
Because it is give and take in our life, everything does not always goes in the way we want it.
Speaks the truth and daring to each other is good for a relationship.
But sometimes the truth can bring to wrong friction.
And then to compromise with each other is a wise decision.
You have to go together with Your partner to the bed in the evening and it is better to wake up in the morning together again with fresh courage.
Start the new day together with a fresh topics.
Nobody is perfect so changing your life partner often will only further disrupt Your life and no give You the stability.
Two sensible partners can solve all problems together with a smile afterwards.
Laugh together for the bad attitude they had in advance to each other.
Knowing that they can not live without each other and are happy when the problems are solved.
Think about the future together and seal it with a kiss.
You cannot find the perfection between You and Your partner.
So stop to wait for Your perfect partner.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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