Be who You want to Be.

Be who You want to Be

Adapt Yourself is something very normal in life.
Nobody should misfit in this society and which requires adjustments.
But can You still be the one who You want to be?
Its good for You to adapt Yourself to the society but it will not be wise if that cannot make You feel happy.
The form of Your lifestyle should be fit in Your own behavior so that You may show respect of gladness to others.
You feel ease on Your own with Your personality.
Do not lived by the orders from others and do things reluctantly.
When we all walk in the same good direction , everyone will look positive to us.
No more have Your own choice because those from higher level does not agree with You.
When that is no solution for Your life, You would never be happy.
So better just do what the feeling of Your heart tells you.
Follow Your own path will get You to prosperity with pleasure.
Just be who You want to be and let others to accept You in this way.
It is impossible to pleased everyone even You behave well on Your own.
Be who You want to be even if You're alone.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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