Knowledge is Priceless.

Knowledge is Priceless

While we are young we have problems with our ears and do not listen when we get wise counsel from our parents or adults.
Just think of having fun with our friends after our school.
We are repeatedly pointed out that knowledge is important for our future.
But at that time we already spend our whole ​​day at school and we are in need of relaxation.
Do not yet realize that if at that time we putting more efforts and concentration in our study then we will benefit from it at our later age.
With the knowledge we've learned when we are young, our life will be more easier and smoother.
We must be grateful if we have the chances to get our knowledge because some others may not have the opportunity to learn.
That is what we know now and many of us have that opportunity lost by their own wisdom.
Those who have learned a lot of knowledge can give applause for themselves now.
Know how important the knowledge in our life now and the Priceless Value of it.
The invaluable advice by our parent to us before are priceless for the knowledge what we have now.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen ‎
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