Sometimes You Have to be Quieter in order to Listen more Clearly.

Sometimes You Have to be Quieter in order to Listen more Clearly

Among us there are many people who like to stay in the front row.
Always shows the highest tone and want to be hear by others to aware of their are present.
They always speak with louder tone but does not bother to pay attention and listen to others.
Themselves are so important that others should indulge in them.
No want to lose time to communicate with each other in order to listen and learn.
Or they are so busy with their own life that they cannot pay attention to the voice of someone else.
And if there's time, they only want to spend it for their own interests and also let everyone hear how important they are.
But it is very important to open Your ear and listen to others for social contact and interact.
Always listen and respond to others with respect even it is not for Your own interest.
Quiet and listen attentively to another without interrupting and let them finish their words first then only You response.
Not always want to have prevail in a conversation even You just try to listen.
Then You will see that when listening to others, You can learn more about social behavior.
Sometimes You need to be quiet so You can be calm and listen clearly.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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