You only Live Once so do it Right.

You only Live Once so do it Right

Most of the people think that money can give You the best life.
Strive to maximize it and thinking on to get a better life.
They forget that every minute which have passed is not coming back.
And time is shorten our life and we are not able to chase it back.
Hunting for money is usually not a pleasant way of life, it takes many efforts and requires concentration.
Because mistakes can caused an incorrect result and cause stress.
Therefore it is better not to life above Your standard of life and You must to satisfy with what You have and accommodate with Your Own lifestyle.
This equilibrium where You find from there can bring You the pleasure in life.
A good life which is not based on money or wealth only exist in a fairytale.
It is based on Your own happy feeling with the people around You in Your social life, family and friends.
Live in peace with good principles and the happiness so You also can easily pay the bills.
Every day went to bed happily and wake up in the morning with cheer for breakfast to start a new day with challenge ahead.
Not a standard robot that always repeat doing the same rhythm and things.
So divide it well for every part of your life, because we only live once.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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