The Safest Place for Me is to Reside in Your Heart.

The Safest Place for Me is to Reside in Your Heart

I have already passed through several things in my life.
Every time I had to withstand the harsh truth of life.
Mollified and humiliated life still go on for Me.
I learned My lessons from the past experiences.
It took years for Me to fit into this society.
Suddenly You appeared there in a beautiful dress with pinned up hair.
I blinked my eyes and was amazed at what I saw.
That's happened long time ago and we are still happy together now.
Something that will not change soon, because we belong together.
The feelings that are there for You do not lie and are even hotter than the sunrays.
With You I have the feeling of safety and I'm being honored.
Therefore I prefer to stay in your heart for all of my life.
Treasure this love with loyalty and I love you.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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