Treasure the One that can Give You Beautiful Moments in Life.

Treasure the One that can Give You Beautiful Moments in Life

It is easy to say I love You to someone without blushing.
While it is difficult for  You to open up Your heart  to someone you've never seen before.
When there is a visual contact with each other, then lot of sincere feelings can be exchanged.
Then words are no longer necessary, because Your feelings just taking everything over.
At that moment You get that wonderful feeling in your body and for sure You will never have questions about that because Your feelings has already been confirmed.
That person will give you the beautiful moments in your life and You appreciate it with Your own feeling..
Whereby the signals are being sent to the brain and Your heart beat faster.
Therefore Your eyes begin to sparkle and its difficult to start a normal conversation  because of nerves.
A person with good observation can notices that and maybe have the same feelings.
Thus if one of them can start the conversation by making jokes for laughing will be a good solution.
So Treasure the One that can Give You the most Beautiful Moments in Life.
Appreciate this with all your heart, because no one can give You a guarantee about tomorrow.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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