You will only Know who Cares when there is a Storm.

You will only Know who Cares when there is a Storm

A good and healthy life is what we all want in our life.
The more fortune we have, the easier to get acquainted with new contacts.
Everyone always like to benefit from the success of another.
When they getting close with someone who have fortune, they can gain knowledge with the opportunity for success.
Knowing that when all the money is present and then only need a complete proposal with acceptable facts to ask for an investment.
That is the basis of many friendships in this world which are based on using each other for better communication in the community.
But in order to have 1000 friends You don't have to be a magician.
It is not EASY to get favors from 1000 friends to stand behind You when You are in big problem in your life.
Then it only proof that everything that happened in the past was only about  the true friendship between You and them.
Because true friends can fight every storm together with a smile and will be able to see the sun shine later.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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