Your Brains Speak Wiser than Your Heart.

Your Brains Speak Wiser than Your Heart

Why when You love someone can give You a good feeling?
You are above the clouds with Your feelings and thoughts.
Have feelings in your body where many on this planet desire for it.
But will these feelings also strengthen or weaken your business decisions?
We often can not distinguish things and weak as our feelings play a role in the business.
Easier to make a decision if we grant another person to make a profit.
Usually You make a decision like this when there is a good relationship with each other and good feelings.
It is nice to do business with family,  friends or acquaintances, because of familiar and loyalty.
Sometimes Your mind says no but Your heart agree and say yes it's Ok we'll sign the papers.
And after the signature, one part of the body are happy and both parties will be glad to begin the business for the good outcome.
Whether we are doing good or bad, time will tell us everything.
The brains always speak wiser than the heart
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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